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Sunday June 5th
Mr Bushby conducted morng Service
Mr Thomson afternoon Do
Mr Rowsell evening Do
Matron & Officers out to their usual Services

Monday 6th
Florrie Gill engaged as Servant to Mrs Paton of Tamworth at 4s/-
per week for six months & 5s/- the remaining six months if she
deserves it
11 pupils

Tuesday 7th
A very wet day no Committee
Mary Ann Kearney brought from the State School & received
11 pupils

Wednesday 8th
Nothing of importance to record
12 pupils

Thursday 9th
Mr Rowsell conducted eveng Service
12 pupils

Friday 10th
Revd G Trowes conducted Service
13 pupils

Saturday 11th
Matron & Teacher out this afternoon

Sunday 12th
Mr Rowsell conducted morng Service
Mr Smithers Do evening "
Mr Dobbie Do Do "
Laundress sick -

Monday 13th
Nothing of importance to record

Tuesday 14th
Ladies Sub Committee
Mary Ann Kearney & Mary Smyth admitted.
Pauline Shaw asked to leave she was requested to think over

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