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Monday 18th
Theresa Murray Lizzie Kenny
Lizzie Greenwood & Emma James
very rude and annoying in the

Tuesday 19th 8 pupils
Ladies Sub Committee
Elizabeth Margaret Small admitted

Wednesday 20th 8 pupils
Nothing of importance to record

Thursday 21st
Mr Bowsell conducted eveg sessions

Friday 22nd
Revd C F Garnsey conducted service

Saturday 23rd
Sub Matron and Laundress out
for the afternoon.

Sunday 24th
Mr Wheeler conducted morng service
Mr Ogden afternoon Do
Matron & Officers out to their usual services

Monday 25th
Miss Williams took Johanna O Hare
to the Doctor for an order for the
Hospital all the beds at each Hospital
being full he offered in order for
Newington which she refused.

Tuesday 25th 8 pupils
Ladies Sub Committee
Johanna asked to leave the Institution
being very discontented with herself
and every one near her, she was
persuaded to remain until a bed could
be found her in the Hospital

8 pupils

[written up right side]
Sarah Dawes sent to the Benelovent Asylum

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