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10th. Mr Hartley conducted morng [morning] service
Mr Steed Afternoon Do
Mr McNaughton evening Do
Matron & Officers out to their usual services
Theresa Murray and Carrie Bird had
a quarrel and commenced to fight.

11th. Nothing of importance to record.

Tuesday 8 pupils
12th. Ladies Sub Committee
Anne Payne insisted upon going
away. No persuasions could prevent
her. Violet Woolley gone as servant
to Mrs Eldrich [?] of Narranderra

Wednesday 9 pupils
13th. Nothing of importance to record.

Thursday 8 pupils
14th Margaret Small asked admittance
and was received waiting the
Ladies decision.

Friday 8 pupils
15th. Dr Norris visited and prescribed
for Emma James.
Annie Smith taken to the Carrington

Saturday 8 pupils
16th. Ada Dawes asked admittance
and was received she having no
home to go to.
Matron & Teacher out for the afternoon.

17th Mr Simion Brown conducted morng service
Mr Smithers afternoon [service]
Matron & officers out to their usual services.

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