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Tuesday 15th
Ladies Sub Committee
Mary Clark, M A Alice Brown and
Mary Curtis admitted. A little girl
brought by her Mother received for a
time to be handed over to Mr Maxted
Emma Clark spoken to upon a situation
being provided for her.

Wednesday 8 pupils
16th Lizzie Kenny a former Inmate
asked admission and was received
waiting the Ladies decision

Thursday 9 pupils
17th Emma Clark gone as general servant
to Mrs Wilson at Lawson at 5/ per week
Mr Dobbie and thirteen of his pupils
gave the Inmates a musical entertain
ment [deleted text] last evening [deleted text] Tuesday evening.
Mr. Fletcher conducted evening service

18th Revd C. H Garnsey conducted service

19th Teacher out for the afternoon

21st Mr Millington conducted morng service
Mr Davidson afternoon Do
Officers out to their usual services.

22nd Nothing of importance to record

Tuesday 9 pupils
23rd Ladies Sub Comittee
Lizzie Kenny admitted second time
Violet Woolley spoken to upon a situation
offering for her
9 pupils

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