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25th N. J. Drew gone as general servant
to Mr. Bean of Wentworthville at 10/-
per week. Matron and Teacher out
during the afternoon.

26th Mr. Fletcher conducted morning service
Matron & Officers out to their usual service

27th the Annual Meeting held at this
Institution. Miss P. Williams
brought Rachel Campbell to be received

Tuesday 13 pupils
28th Ladies Sub Committee
Maggie Graham & Harriet Powell admitted
Rachel Campbell not feeling settled
her admittance was deferred
Elanor Allen taken home by her
daughter was spoken to by the Committee
Emily Thompson asked to be provided
with clothes that she might go away
The Ladies advised her to write to her
friends to help her.

Wednesday 13 pupils
March 1st Mr. Freeland conducted eveng service.
Nellie Black asked admission and
was received

Thursday 13 pupils
2nd Susan Deer asked admission
and was received.
Mr. Fletcher conducted eveng service

Friday 12 pupils
3rd Revd. C. F. Garnsey conducted service
Rachel Campbell gone away 12 pupils

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