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8th Emma James taken home by her
Father, Fanny Mitchell taken in

Thursday 13 pupils
9th Mr. Jordan conducted evening service

Friday 13 pupils
10th Revd C. F. Garnsey conducted services

Saturday 13 pupils
11th Matron & Teacher out for the afternoon

12th Mr. Jordan conducted morning service
Mr. J. P Reeve afternoon Do.
Mr. Bushby evening DO
Matron & Officer out to their usual services

13th Fanny Mitchell being incapable of work
went away to get an order for Newington

Tuesday 13 pupils
14th Catherine Bassignan refusing to work
the Matron gave her her clothes and let
her go away without troubling the Committee
she having been before them so many
times. Ladies Sub Committee
Lillian Hamley spoken to upon the
completion of her twelve months and
a situation awaiting her
Bella Dallison insisted upon leaving
the Institution no entreaties of the
Committee could persuade her to remain

Wednesday 13 pupils
15th Nothing of importance to record

Thursday 11 Pupils
16th Revd. C. F. Garnsey [crossed out] Mr. Rowsell
conducted service
12 pupils

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