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24th Queens Birthday. The Inmates
worked well until the dinner hour
and spent the afternoon & evening
in various amusements, enjoying
the entertainment provided for
them by Mrs. Goodlet and for which
they beg to record their sincere thanks.

25th Susan Taylor gone as general
servant to Mrs. James Thompson of
Rylstone at 7/- per week.
Mr. Cooper C.M. conducted eveng [evening] service

Thursday 9 pupils
26th Mr. Alfred Cook conducted eveng [evening] service

Friday 8 pupils
27th Revd. [Reverend] C. F. Garnsey conducted service

Saturday 10 pupils
28th Lydia Davis suffering from an
old complaint asked to leave the
Institution that she may return to
the Prince Alfred Hospital where she
had been under the care of Dr. Foreman
The Laundress out for the afternoon.

29th The Matron & Officers out to their
usual services. Emma Price asked
admission and was received.

30th Emma Price gone away

Tuesday 8 pupils
31st Ladies Sub Comittee
Olive Wilheim & Marie White admitted
Mary Halloran and Mary Beard insisted

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