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27th The Matron & Teacher out for the afternoon.

28th Mr. Bourne conducted morng services
Mr. Hartley [ditto] evening service
Matron & Officer out to their usual services.

29th 43rd Annual meeting of this Institution

Tuesday 6 pupils
March 1st. Ladies Sub Committee
Martha Lee & Mary Penfold admitted
Emily Robinson Mary Bourke and
Alice Lilly went out. Kate Fraser's
case to remain over until the
General Committee.

Wednesday 6 pupils
2nd. Mrs. Farr of Adelaide went over
the Building and was pleased with
her visit.

Thursday 8 pupils
3rd. Mr. Fletcher conducted eveng service

Friday 9 pupils
4th. Revd. C. F. Garnsey conducted service.
Ladies General Committee
Kate Fraser interviewed.

Saturday 9 pupils
5th Jane Thornton and Mary York
asked admission and were received.
Sub Matron & Laundress out.

Sunday Edith Wagg very naughty
6th Mr. Bushby conducted morng service.
Revd Orr afternoon service
Mr. Fletcher evening Do.
Matron & Officers out to their usual services

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