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18th Edith Wagg most abusive & disobedient
the Matron put her in an empty room
for the day

Tuesday 8 pupils
19th Ladies Sub Commitee Mrs Williams
interviewed the Ladies respecting her
daughter who she wished to take away
as she is removing into the country
permission was given and Tilly was
taken home this evening.

Wednesday 9 pupils
20th Mr. Freeland conducted morning service

Thursday Gentlemens Committee 8 pupils
21st Elizabeth Thompson & Kate Fraser
asked admission and were received.

Friday 8 pupils
22 Mrs. P Sydney Jones visited

Saturday 8 pupils
Sub Matron gone away until Monday
Laundress out for the afternoon.

24th Mr. Jordan conducted morng service
Mr. Armstrong afternoon Do.
Mr. Hartley evening Do.
Officers out to their usual services.

25th Sub Matron returned to her duties.
7 pupils

26th Anniversary day. No Committee
The Inmates worked until the
dinner hour and spent the rest
of the day in various amusements
enjoying a good feast of Fruit & Cake.

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