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Monday Louisa Garland gone as general
servant to Mrs. Bowles of Kogarah
at 8/- per week, taken by Teacher.
Tuesday no pupils
14th Ladies Sub Committee
Fanny Smith admitted.
Wednesday 5 pupils
15th. Dr. Norrie visited & prescribed for
Jane Fletcher, Agnes Ping & Margt Fletcher.
Mr. Freeland conducted eveng service.
Thursday 6 pupils
16th Gentleman's Committee to pass
quarterly accounts.
Mrs. Williams took Fanny Smith to the Hospital for treatment.
Mr. Rowsell conducted eveng service.
Friday 7 pupils
17th. Revd. C. F. Garnsey conducted service.
Saturday 7 pupils
18th Mary Cameron taken to the Hospital
to see her Father who is seriously ill
not expected to recover. Matron &
Teacher out for the afternoon.
19th. Mr. Torning conducted morning service
Mrs. McDonald afternoon ditto
Mr. Fitzmaurice evening ditto
Matron & Officer out to their usual services.
20th Nothing of importance to record
Tuesday 7 pupils
21st Ladies Sub Committee
Agnes Orne & Elizabeth Bickmore
spoken to upon situations being provided
7 pupils

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