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17th. Mr. Hodgson conducted afternoon service.
The Matron Sub Matron & Teacher out to their usual services.

18th. Ellen Humphry so ill that it was
deemed adviseable to send her to the
Hospital. The Doctor receiving her said
she was decidedly a subject for
hospital treatment.
Mrs. Williams brought Mary Toohey from Callan Park.
Tuesday 3 pupils
19th. Ladies Sub Committee. Three applications
for the situation of Laundress.
Mrs. Everest to be given a fortnights
trial. Mary Toohey admitted.
Wednesday 3 pupils
20th. Mrs. Bray brought Catherine Copps
to be received.
Rvd. Joseph Campbell with Mr. W. P. Faithfull
gave the inmates a Magic Lantern
entertainment specially requested
by Mr. Alfred Cook who received them.
Thursday 5 pupils
21st. Nothing of importance to record.
Friday 4 pupils
22nd. Revd. C. F. Garnsey conducted services.
Saturday 6 pupils
23rd. Mrs. Hun Laundress left the
Institution. Mrs. Everest arrived.
24th. Amy Dampier & Emily Donnelly
asked admission & were received.

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20th. Mrs. Bray brought Catherine [indecipherable] Copsis?
to be received.