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August 16th
Sabbath. Mr Tilley (missionary) gave us an
address this morning. Mr Gibson in
Mary Sutton continues very poorly & was not
able to attend service.

Monday 17th
M. Sutton is quite delirious through the pain,
we keep poulticing her neck. and give her
castor oil. if the gathering does not break today. we
must send for Dr Nathan.
gave her an enema this evening.

Teusday [tuesday] 18th
Sub Comt. 4 ladies present.
Kate Tubman requested to go out,
she wished to nurse her daughter, as she
is near her confin ment.[confinement] We got Kate to
sign. the Temperance pledge which she has
repeatedly promised to keep faithfully.

Wednesday 19th
Gentelmens General Comt. 3 present.
Agnes O.Brian and Eliza Lane are very ill,
unable to rise, Dr Nathan says its a severe
attack of Influenza, and ordered some medicine for them both.

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