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August 10th
Mrs. J. Graham left 3 packets corn flour
and a large paper of barly [barley] sugar for the sick
inmates. which is very acceptable.

Teusday 11th
Sub comt. met. 4 ladies present.
Mary Suttons has a hard swelling on her neck.
I took her in to the ladies. I was advised by them to get
heartshorn and oil, and get her neck sub.d by kitchen fire.

Wednesday 12th
M. Sutton is worse. we had her neck
subd. with H & Oil but it is getting so hard,
and inflamed cannot bear it touched.

Thursday 15th
Dorcas Comt. met
Matron laid up yesterday and this morng.
with Influenza.

Friday 16th

Sat 15th
Not being able to go to Market, I sent the
Messenger, he bought vegetables to the amount
of money given to him (3/6) this is the first time I
ommitted going, but illness alone prevented me.

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