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1868. [underscored]

April 7th
Teusday. [tuesday] Sub Com. [Committee] met. 3 ladies
present. Ellen Hurly asked
to go out. "because she could not have tobacco [underscored]
and there was such a bad lot [underscored] of girls in. "
Mrs. Bullhard called to complain of
Mary Fitzsimons and to say she was leaving
her service tomorrow. This news is very sad
and discouraging. and has spread a gloom all over
the Refuge. as I have repeatedly told them what injury
the misconduct of one [underscored] does to all that remain in the
institution. Received instructions to try if three
legs of beef would be enough for one dinner and breakfast for
Wednesday 8th.
I took Jane Drew to the labor office
but there were no situations suitable.

Thursday 9th.
Miss G. has taken J. Drew and Mary Nolan
to the labor office.
No situations suitable. Matron called for
them at Capps's and then took them to
Haigh's but there was nothing for them.

Friday 10th.
The inmates worked untill [until] 4 oclk. although
they at first expected a holiday. I told
them that our town customers would be disapointed [disappointed]
of their clean linen for the holiday if they did not
finish their work today.

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