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Friday 31st
I went into the City with Margaret Mc Cormack
and Mary Jane Jackson to get situations for
them. When I returned Fanny Brown had
her hat on and demanded to be let out to her
child. She was a very dirty lazy creature
Saturday February 1st
The inmates working well and orderly.
Margaret McCormack is to go by the steamer
to night. She cannot go the weather is so very wet
Sunday 2nd
Thorough order and quiet provided through
the institution all day. It is quite a pleasure to
be able to testify to the good behaviour of the
inmates. Mr Woolnough preached at 3 Oclock.
Mr Thompson at 7 Oclock
Monday 3rd
The washing from the Panama Mail Ship Ruahine
came in to day. Kate Barry very unruly, would
not do any thing all day was very rude and dis
orderly in School and at night kept the whole
house in commotion about bolting Emily Tomkins
also was preparing to go
Tuesday 4th
The inmates went on steadily all day
Wednesday 5th
Mrs Thompson was so pleased with the
account I gave of the conduct of the inmates
that she sent a box of peaches to day
which they enjoyed exceedingly and are
now having a singing meeting

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