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July 17th 1866
Teusday [tuesday]
Mrs. Money sent a quantity of shallots
we planted about half - the other half were
very soon disposed of by the inmates, although
we such a supply from S Booth.

Wednesday 18th
P. Chapman very ill, we
sent for Dr. Renwick.
The Doctor says "its the breaking up of
the system" and advises getting, him in to
one of the Asylums. Mrs. G. Allen
visited him.

Thursday 19th
Four men just came to
repair the flag'g [flagging] - but they will
not be able to attend to the water pipes
untill next week. Poor Chapman
fainted, we got two of the men to carry
him from the Cottage to the warm kitchen.

Friday 20th
Christina Nield is much more sedate
and does her work better, Matron had a
private talk with her. she said, she often
felt sorry for being so wicked, and tried
to pray to God to make her good.

Saturday 21st
Received a quantity of plants from
Lady Youngs garden.

Jenny Barrett escaped over the wall after
the eve'g service conducted by Mr H. Hossack.

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