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July 24th. The water off again, hindering
the washing of the Refuge Clothing.
it's to be hoped that we may soon have a
Tank or something in which to save water.

At 8 oclk [o'clock] whilst the Matron and
inmates were reading 7th and 8th chapters Mathew [Matthew] in [?]
every alternate verse. Mr Harris and another man
brought Mrs Harris in a Hansom Cab. the
poor man begd [begged] she might be admitted that
"he would willingly pay for her" she was in
a pitiable state, her hair down over her face &
neck, an old torn dress.

Tuesday 25th. Annie McIntyre requested to leave the Refuge, she
complained to the ladies that Elizth [Elizabeth] Cooper had
stolen her petticoat. J Harris has had three fits [underscored]
we feared she would die [underscored] and sent for the Doctor.
Ellen Holmes sat up all night with her,

Wedensday [Wednesday] 26th. 9 oclk [o'clock] this morn [morning] the "Revd Mother" from next
door sent to enquire if the Matron would take back
Annie McIntyre, that she wanted admission into
the "Good Shepherd" but they were so full, not one bed to
spare. She was told it would be impossible to readmit
her without a note from Mrs Goodlet. at noon
Annie came again with Mr Gully. but the Matron would
not be persuaded to receive her without a
note from Mrs Goodlet.

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