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April 26th.
Wedensday [Wednesday]. Mary Mitchell behaves very well
and seems anxious to please.
Mary Ann Burns also is improved in her
conduct. makes herself usefull [useful] in the ironing room.
27th. Cathn [Catherine] Richards was noisy and
unruly at school. Matron ordered bread
and water intead of tea, for her eve [evening] meal.
and wrote to ask her Mother to come, she
having only paid 10/- towards Cath'n [Catherine] maintain-
ence [maintenance] & they can well aford [afford] to pay more.
Friday 28th. A beautifule [beautiful] day for drying clothes
which is such a relief.
We are in need of a drying room to dry
clothes in wet weather. the woodhouse
would make a first rate dry'g [drying] room
with a little alteration. The laundresses get so
quarrelsome and ill tempered with each other in wet weather.
Matron went to visit her sick daughter
at 1/2 5 oclk [o'clock] eve'g [evening]. it was cold and wet but
could not be spared any other time.
Saturday 29th. Owing to the rain last night, Matron
could not return untill [until] this morn [morning] at
20 minutes to 9 oclk [o'clock]. Mr Roberts had conducted the
morn. [morning] worship. breakfast was over & all at work.
Betsy young asked for readmission. she owned
she acted wrong in going out as she did. we permitted
her to come in untill [until] tuesday's com. [committee]
C Richard's mother sent 10/. and apoliged [apologised] for not
"sending before as she had forgotten". she also sent
a stron pair of boots for Cathn. [Catherine]
Sabbath 30th. Rev. Mills preached morn [morning]. A Howitt aftern [afternoon]
Mr Button eve [evening] service.

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