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April 18th
Tuesday. Ladies sub com. [committee]. Present Mrs. Goodlet
(H. Sect'y) [Honourable Secretary], Mrs. Hay & Mrs. Mackintyre
wrote to Maria Birds father, requesting him to call.
they have a large amount of house property and yet have
only given £1.1.0 towards her maintainance. [maintenance]

Wedensday [Wednesday] 19th. Maria Smith brought a note from
Mr Lewis Moore P.[Pyrmont] Bridge Rd. at 10 oclk [o'clock] at
night requesting us to take her in, we consented because
it was such a stormy night & the poor thing wet through.

Thursday 20th. M. Smith very ill from the effects of drink &c
The rain has been a great hinderance [hindrance], large
baskets of wet clothes, and [underline]no where to dry [end underline]them,
& it tries the temper of the laundresses.

Friday 21th [st]. M.S. still keeps her bed, not able to do
any work. Eliz'th [Elizabeth] Williams has been unwell
& keeps her bed today. Emily Turner behaves
well, is very anxious to be allowed to stay.

Saturday 22nd. Rev'd [Reverend] W Sellars called to say he could not
preach here tommorrow [tomorrow] which is much to be
regretted as there are so few ministers coming here.

Sunday 23rd. No Minister morn. [morning] or after'n [afternoon] which is much
pity ['regretted'-original text crossed out] as their task for reading is so very
limitted [limited]. Mr. Howitt held service in the even'g [evening]

Monday 24th. Blanche is improving in health. The
medicine Dr Nathan ordered having had the
desired effect. she has required nursing & care.

Tuesday 25th. Marg't [Margaret] O'Brian has fallen again thr. [through] drink!
The Matron feels deeply humbled to see her as
"the dog is turned to his vomit again & the sow that is washed [sup] to her [end sup] wallow".
in the mire"
Marg't [Margaret] has tried all she could to get out, "just[underlined] to see
after her clothes". but Matron was firm with
her & said, I am the misstres [mistress] here, and I tell you once
for all, you shall not[underlined] go out to night.

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