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March 24th
Friday Kate Scott is very idle, and unruly at
school, the teacher had to send for the Matron
again. she conducted her to Ivy Cottage, and
left her there, untill her own clothes were
got from the store, Mrs A took her, but she
sent word if the Matron would forgive her she
would behave better. she was exhorted to
ask God to forgive her, and make her a good
girl. we gladly consented to give her
one more trial.

Margt OBrian came and remained during
even workship. she expressed a wish to buy a
Bible, sold her one of Mr Robert's for 1/- and
advised her to read it evert day,
she left 10/- to be put in the Saving Bank for her
and also paid the Matron 10/- which she borrowed
when out of situation. she is more
comfortable now, her mistress having got a
relative who came by the last immigrant ship to
help in cooking &c.

Saturday 25th E ONiele came last eve after dark
with a note from Mrs Thos Smith, she
was very dirty & scarcely anything but a
cotton dress on. she begd to be "allowed to stay in
bed today, as she was so tired"
Mrs Hay sent 10lbs plumbs for cakes
for the inmates.
Mrs Goodlet sent yearly part
" British Workman" part no 10

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