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March 12th
Agnes O.Brian made her escape
last night she has been a great
plauge, so mischievous and idle.
Mary Moore & Theresa O.Brian also
went. Mr. Roberts found them in a house of ill fame.
Ellen Kinchly wanted to go out, said she would
climb the wall, if not let out.

Monday 13th
Ellen Kinchley will neither work nor let
others, & her filthy habits are so disgusting
and so she would neither [own?] nor clean
under her bed, nor wash her clothes, she
was expelled. It was with deep angst
that so young a girl 15 years was sent away, but there
was no alternative. as she put all authority at defiance.

Tuesday 14th
Miss Finkham Matron at Darlinghurst
gaol having told Mr Roberts (when visiting
Elizth. Strickland there) that she would be
"liberated on the 14th at 1/2 past 6 oclck" and
as Elizth. promised him that she would come
back to the Refuge, he went this morn. at 6 oclck
to fetch her, after waiting 1/2 hour, Eliz and
another girl, about her own age, came
out and altho. E.S. has both father and
Mother, neither of them were there to try
to rescue her - not one, except [TR?] to warn
her, or to invite her home. The Mother
came this eve. between 8 & 9 oclck to
enquire if Elizth. were here, as we were assembled
for eve. worship, she was requested to join with us.
(she is a Roman Catholic) and the Matron would
speak to her afterwards about Elizth.

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