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March 8th
Wedensday [Wednesday]. Nelly B whom the ladies refused to admit
yesterday, called this eve. [evening] divested of her
ample crinoline &c scarsly [scarcely] enough rags to
cover her, and two black eyes!! she said
"tell Mrs Roberts I'll be here to see the ladies
tommorrow [tomorrow]" & then skiped [skipped] accross [across] the street to a
very ill looking man that was waiting for

Thursday. 9th

Friday 10th.
Matron had to go to Capt. Fowler, Ship
"Normahal" [Nourmahal] to settle washing a/c
£16.17..8. Ellen Kinchley aged 15. asked for
readmission she was sent to ask Mrs Goolet [Goodlet]
since she conducted herself so badly when here,
she however went to Mrs Thos. Smith & brought
a note requesting her admission.

Saturday. 11th
Very busy getting new clothing made
up for our additional inmates as
well as seeing to washing bills &c &c.
Gave the messenger 5/. to buy a case
of apples, as a reward for diligence
and extra work for the Ship. the
inmates were much pleased with them
they eat them with their bread and
treacle, for tea.

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