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Sunday 5th Matron stayed all day. went to
church in the eve. The Revd. Mills
preached in the morn. Mr Roseby in
the afternoon, all the inmates behaved
well except Catherine Richards, she
feigned crying and disturbed us at
prayer, called her away and ordered her to
sit by the window. before she had been there
10 minutes she walked out of the room. The
bedroom keys were then given to Melinda with orders to
give her the choice, either to return to the service or to
be locked up - she choose the latter

Monday 6th Had a very trying day, owing to the
rebelious conduct of two of the new
arrivals , who refused to work & demanded
to go out.

Tuesday 7th Nelly Birmingham brought in a H.Cab
by her poor Mother, who with her hands
clasped said, "Oh for love of God take
pity on me, and let me bring in my
wandering girl," she was allowed to
remain in the committee room untill
the comt. met at 3 oclk, on condition that
they would submit to be locked up, as it (was
thought she wanted to entice some of the inmates
out) dinner was sent to them at 1 oclk.
The Sub Comt. decided that she could not be
received because of her previous bad behaviour.

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