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Feby. 24th
Friday. General Committee of Gentelmen

Saturday 25th A Mr Anderson from Dr Steels Church
was sent by Mr Hossack to conduct eve. worship

Sunday 26th Louisa Hinton, a girl who formerly was an
inmate came to spend the day here
(had leave fm. her mistress) she heard Mr Howett in the morn. &
Revd. Bickford who held a most interesting
service in the afternoon. Left a 4 oclk for Balmain.
All the girls were clean, orderly and
attentive, would that we might hear
even one ! crying, " what must I do to be saved."

Monday 27th

Teusday 28th Having heard that Elizth. Strickland was in
Darlinghurst Jail. Mr T Roberts was asked
to visit her. he said " well Elizth. I am sorry to find
you here, the last time I saw you you were
running away from the Refuge and the
Matron running after you. she cried very
much, said if she was taken back she would be a
good girl.

Wedensday March 1st Catherine Wardell has broken the mangle this
morn., and been disobedient & naughty,
Revd. Bickford, calld in - he had her in the
comt. room talking and advising her, and
also prayed with her. may his efforts be blessed for
her good - is the humble prayer of the Matron.

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