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Monday 12th Nelly O.Brian was so noisy idle and disobedient
Matron obliged to send her away before breakfast
Dr Nathan visited E. Brown - says she dont ail much.
Two policemen took Kate Scott in charge for robbing her Mother.

Tuesday 15th Ladies sub committee
Three girls admitted. Emily Brown was visited by
her "brother"? told him he could not she her again without
a letter from her father. as Matron had heard, he was
not her brother.

Wednesday 14th Blanch Spreadbrow seems delighted with the
prospect of shelter and protection in the Refuge.
there is hope, when they see the value of a home.

Thursday 15th E. Brown has been very noisy and troublesome
probably the prospect of not being allowed to see
her brother? maybe the cause.

Friday 16th The wife of Revd. Robn. Blain kindly offered to
conduct eve. prayers. & whilst Matron went for a prayer Book
Emily Brown set the girls on to laugh. she also spoke
out very rudely.

Saturday 17th Having found that much time was lost through
having prayers after breakfast, arrangements
are made to have prayers at 1/2 past 6 oclk. Was at
last obliged to send Emily Brown away.

Sunday 18th The new plan commenced this morn. all the
inmates present.
Revd - Bickford dissapointed as this afternoon
Matron had scripture reading - and after
singing & prayer. had 5 that could not read
and taught them lessons from spelling books
Revd R. Blain lectured in the eve. Fanny Quinn
& Elizth Adley were taken to Church in the morn. by Matron.
F.Q. had not been before for

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