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Oct 26th
Wednesday. Melinda had leave of absence to Rev T. Smith's
school picnic. Jane Miles has been
very industrious and well behaved,

Thursday Dr Nathan made the startling
27th announcement that Marg Lamb
had the itch, & ordered sulphur Ointments
warm bath, etc - since the Dr left I
find Martha Slater has a rash also - gave
her Brimston & treacle & a little cream of tartar in
it. The two shall have their beds in a separate
room by themselves

Friday Bridget Dawson has been very insolent,
28th this morn. charged Melinda with sending
a man from the gate, that had called to
see her - The matron read the 6th Rule "that inmates
shall only see their friends on Tuesday.'

Saturday Most of the inmates work well, scoured
29th the house thouroughly - all the windows cleaned
distributed 5 dresses, 4 shifts, 2 night Gowns
& two petticoats. They are now keep themselves clean.

Sunday Service morn. and even.
30th two more of the girls it is feared have caught
the infection. given them the same treatment
as the others. Maria Drew walked
out of her room in light muslin etc - & whilst
Mr Howitt was preaching in the morn. she went
out. after service the Matron sent Mrs Anderson to
ask why she went out? she said ' who cares for the
Matron -"

Monday 31st Mr Caldwell calld - to hear about M. Drew

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