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Oct. 20th matron returned 1/4 to 12 oclk. [o'clock]
Thursday Maria Drew recommended by
Mr Calwell was received untill [until] next
com [committee] day -

A policeman brought a note from
water police officer recommending Martha Slater as
a proper object for admission. 19 yrs old.
consented to receive her untill [until]
tuesday com. [committee] -
Mr Gully. Missionary brought
Jane Miles, she is greatly ashamed - she is very
dirty and ill clad. & a great bruise on her nose.
through exposure, in wandering from her home.
Annie Kirkby was brought in by
her poor old Mother - and a brother.
She has been living at a Mrs Riley's 70 Palmer St
& "kept by a gentelman". dressed well and very
fashionable - she is only 18 yrs old.
Whilst assembeled [assembled] for eve. [evening] prayers at 8 oclk [o'clock] and
reading alternate verses Elizth Davies escaped.
through committee room window. a letter was
sent to tell her mother.

Friday, 21st Mr Curtin was ask by Matron to send
Potatoes, and she would pay for them. he
replies, I will send you a bag - the price of
which can be put to the funds of the

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