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Oct 8th
Saturday Matron went to market, taking the porter with
her at 1/2 past 6 oclk to buy vegetables a many
the girls have pimples, all over their bodies, seemingly
through not having vegetables. - and for want of
a change of clothes. sent for Dr Nathan he
ordered medicine for 4.

Oct Sunday 9th. Rev? - Mills held service in the morn
girls all quiet
3 oclk Mr Howitt ditto - he was
very earnest - and three of the girls seemed to
be deeply impressed -
7 oclk Mr Curtis & Mr Button & Mr Roberts took part
in the good work. eight of the girls wept bitterly
Elizth Davis knelt down in her bedroom and said
her prayers that eve. which she never used to do.

Monday 10th Mrs Young visited the inmates
Dr Nathan called. Mary is dissatisfied because
she has to 'slave' in the laundry - without having any
clothes given to her.

Received 12 Nos. of Sunday at Home & 12 Leisure Hour fm Mrs Goodlet
for the inmates.

[Written along the spine]
Don. Church of England Homes, May 1962

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