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September 11th 1864

Daily Journal Book

Sunday 11th Sept No Minister in the Morning, with the
Girls very good, Afternoon Mr Drum addressed
them Mr Armstrong in the Evening

Monday 12th Sept Margaret Hogg came from the

13th Sept Mr Armstrong held a
Temperance Meeting

14th Mr Robbins addressed

15th Sept All went on quietly

16th - Mr Drum gave them a Farewell Address

17th Mrs Reid called

18th Sunday Mr Mills address them in the
morning and Mr Roberts held service
in the Afternoon No minister in the Evening
Elizabeth Riley and Elizabeth Davis made
their escape but returned in the
morning Elizabeth Davis was admitted

Monday Sepr 19th All very quiet

Tuesday 20th Sub Committee present Mrs Smith and Mrs Allen

Wednesday 21st Sept Mr Howitt held a Temperance

22nd Sept Maria Lawes made her escape
Taking the Refuges clothes with her
Mrs Little took Louisa Hinton for a third
time to try her.

23rd Sept Gentleman's Com-
mittee in the evening. Mr Bracy held evening
Service Margaret Hogg has been very unwell
all the week

24th Sept Washing all sent home

Friday Sept 25th No Minister in the morning
all the Girls very good Afternoon Mr Roberts
had Service evening Mr Howitt addressed

Monday Sept 26th all went on quietly

Thursday Sept 27 Sub Committee present Mr Goodlet

Wednesday Sept 28th Shipwashing sent home
Mr Robbins in the evening

Thursday 29th Sept

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Very pleased to see more pages for transcription of this wonderful collection.

Geoff Barker

I think that might be [Mr Dunn?]