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Volume 3: Daily journal book, 1 May 1891-26 January 1899

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Thursday 15th Mr. Bowsell conducted eveng service. 13 pupils Friday 16th Revd. C. F. Garnsey conducted service 13 pupils

Saturday 17th Sub Matron & Laundress out for the afternoon.

Sunday 18th Mr. [indecipherable] conducted morng service Mr. Hutchinson afternoon Do Officers out to their usual services

Monday 19th Nothing of importance to record

Tuesday 13 pupils 20th Ladies Sub Committee Sarah Forster taken home by her mother

Wednesday 13 pupils 21st Mary Barnes taken to Newington by Miss Williams

Thursday 12 pupils 22nd Mr. Alfred Cook conducted eveng service

Friday 12 pupils 23rd Revd. C. F. Garnsey conducted service

Saturday 25th Mr. Jordan conducted morng service Mr. Armstrong afternoon Do The Officers out to their usual services

Monday 26th Nothing but mischiefmaking all through the day 12 pupils

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Sunday Dec 2nd Mr Bushby conducted morng service Sister Bibby afternoon [ditto mark] Mr Edmonds evening [ditto mark] Matron and Officers out to their usual services

Monday 3rd. Jessica Bicknal taken away by her Mother to go with her to Scotland.

Tuesday 6 pupils 4th. Ladies Sub Committee Kate Birmingham and Annie Ryan asked admission and were received.

Wednesday 6 pupils 5th. Nothing of importance to record

Thursday 6 pupils 6th. Mr Fletcher conducted even'g service

Friday 6 pupils 7th. Kate Birmingham insisted upon leaving the Institution. Ladies general Committee

Saturday 6 pupils 8th. Sub Matron & Laundress out.

Sunday 9th. Mr Fletcher conducted morn'g [morning] service Mr Steed afternoon [ditto mark] Mr Bushby evening [ditto mark] Matron & Officers out to their usual services.

Monday 10th Nothing of importance to record.

Tuesday 6 pupils 11th Ladies Sub Committee Annie Ryan admitted

Wednesday 6 pupils 12th. Mary McCormack & Agnes Wilson asked admission and were received 6 pupils

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