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She will go out. The Ladies spoke faithfully to her but
could make no impression. She is remain till next Sub Committee
and if not sorry for her conduct to be expelled.
Julia Cunningham was very impertinent to the Ladies
and will go out. The Ladies refused she having only been
admitted eleven days previously. Mary Ann Lyons
say she will go out is very sullen and obstinate the Ladies
talked to her but refused to permit her to leave.

Mrs Roberts applied for one month's leave of
absence on account of health - Miss Gulbraith to
take her place and Miss Wright to^assist - Mrs Roberts to remain as
[protection?]. The Ladies consider the Matron should be
allowed to go and promised to recommend that the [gentelman's?]
Committee grant her application.

At a Meeting of the Ladies General Committee
of the Sydney Female Refuge held on Friday
5th April 1867,
Mrs Graham , Mrs Jos. Thompson
Mrs Hay , Mrs Raymond
Mrs Mills , Mrs John Dawson
and the Secretary.

The minutes of last Meeting read also
The Sub Committee reports.

No business of any consequence.
One applicant Mary Grey spoken to. She is a
married woman and not quite a subject for
this Institution but as she did not appear
to have any house, the Ladies decided that
she should remain for one month at least
on trial and in the hope that her husband
might claim her.

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