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At a meeting of the Ladies General Committee
of the Sydney Female Refuge held on Friday
4th January 1867.
Mrs Graham Mrs Murnin
Mrs Hay Mrs Mills
Mrs John Thompson Mrs John Raymond
Minutes of former Meeting read_
Saw four new candidates for admission
1st Mary Ann[?] a married woman came from New Zea-
land to be confined, the baby died, her husband
was a soldier and killed during the war she used to
work for the Officer's wives. She was allowed to remain
till next sub Committee to allow time for Mrs Roberts
to report on her condition. She is a "Romanish".
2nd Anne Gall who had been
in the Institution her husband left her three
years ago and took [her crossed out]their only child with him. The
Matron spoke well of her and she looks a very
promising young woman. She was admitted.
She is a Protestant.
3rd Mary Ann O'Brien, a Roman Catholic
was with her mother, her mother took her out,
has been next door. She came this time
without telling her parents but her father found
her out, and wanted her to go next door or return
home. Mrs Roberts did not tell the girl he called
but the Ladies instructed the Matron to see
the Mother and point out what a pity it was to disturb
the girl that we had nothing but her interest in
4th Eliza Slade sent by Captain Scott.
Mrs Roberts thinks her rather silly but the Ladies

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