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At a Meeting of the Ladies Committee held at
the Refuge on Friday 7th August 1863.
Mrs E Deas Thomson Mrs John Dawson
Mrs Allen Mrs Macintyre
Mrs Bennington Mrs Caldwell
Mrs Eggleston Mrs Reeve
Mrs Reed Mrs Selby
Mrs Joy Mrs Johnson
and the Secretary.
The minutes of former Meeting read and
Daily Journal and sub Committee reports
read also Tabular report.
31 inmates in the house.
Alice Gray's Mother applied to have her read-
mitted but as she had been in several times
before and had made her escape twice the
Committee declined to receive her.
Mrs Deas Thompson and Mrs Allen were appointed
to wait on the Colonial Secretary and request a
grant of money towards the Building Fund
of the Institution.
Resolved that the Secretary write to Mrs Spencer
and request her to become a member of this
Committee and failing Mrs Spencer Mrs
Hilton King was to be written to.

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