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At a Meeting of the Ladies General Committee of the
Sydney Female Refuge held on Fruday the 2nd
Mrs Spears Mrs Jos. Thompson
Mrs Macintyre Mrs John Thompson
Mrs Allen Mrs Mills
Mrs Robinson Mrs Breillat
Mrs Graham and the Secretary
Minutes ofprevious meeting Daily journals Tabular
and Sub Committee reports were read.
The Secretary mentioned that she had
purchased as requested the Bible for Miss Aitkins
the cost being eight guineas but the [indecipherable] [indecipherable]
desires to pay one half. The Bible was purchased
for the Ladies Institution.
The Matron stated that she had received
a letter from the Right Hon. Stephens in answer to her
question as to whether the Inmates could have shoes
made for at the Randwick Asylum and that the
Committee had agreed to purchase them at 5/6
per pair. Mrs [indecipherable] was desirous to show the
letter with the sample shoes to the gentleman.

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