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were read 34 Inmates in the Refuge.

House Inmates were spoken to
& reprimanded for going over the walls and they were permitted to remain but told they must forfeit
the past months and begin again from this day of their read [?]

The Secretary and treasurer of the Gentlemen's Committee visited on the Ladies as a deputation to ask if the
Ladies General Committe would consent to collect [the bank] having called up this arrival and requested
payment at once. The debt is at present £560.
Resolved that the Ladies collect as much as they can but they decline to bind themselves to any [person]

At the meeting of the Ladies General Committee of the Sydney Female Refuge held on Friday the 6th September 1866.

Mrs Jos [Joseph] Thompson Mrs John Thompson
Mrs Macintyre Mrs Threlkeld
Mrs Thos [Thomas] Smith Mrs Widan
Mrs Graham Mrs Breillat
Mrs Speer Mrs Hay

the Secretary

Minutes of previous meeting Daily journals Tabular
Report also the Sub Committe Repors were read Inmates in the Refuge

The sum of £147.7.4 was paid in by the Ladies
present towards the liquidation of the debt on the
Institution Mrs Hay said she would pay her £10
into the Refuge account the Joint Stock Bank.

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