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an advertisement be put in the Herald
asking applicants to be present on the
following Tuesday to meet the Sub Committee.

Several of the Inmates were repri
manded for bad conduct.

Mrs Bugarth called to say she
could not keep Christiana her conduct
was so very untruthful.

At the meeting of the Ladies General Committee
of the Sydney Female Refuge held on
Friday the 5th Jan ry [January]1866.

Mrs E Deas Thomson Mrs Threlkeld
Mrs W Speer Mrs John Thompson
Mrs Bickfred Mrs Jos [Joseph] Thompson
Mrs Breillat Mrs Smith
Mrs Graham Mrs Ord
Mrs Allen and the Secretary

The Minutes of previous meeting Daily journals
Tabular report and also
Sub Committe Reports read

Inmates in the Houses

The Matron mentioned that Christiana Neilds
was much better behaved times she had
been locked up alone in the Ivy Cottages

Catherine Luthmains [?] applied for
admifsion [admission] but it was resolved not to permit (crossed out)
allow her she having been in this Insitution
several years ago and [?] services that had filled
several situations which she had left

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There are some special characters that do not appear on the copy and paste helpful page. Can I get superscript in this program... For example.. on page 22 the month needs superscript to be transcribed correctly. There are other examples on previous pages. eg esquire is written as Esq with a superscript re . thanks

Geoff Barker

Hi - I'm not sure about these. We had a list of characters for cut and paste which we added another project & I've pasted these below but as you have found others can you make a list of hose you've come across and I'll see if we can add shortcuts for these as well. Thanks Geoff.
Arrow, down: ↓
Arrow, left: ←
Arrow, right: →
Arrow, up: ↑
Cent: ¢
Degrees: °
Division: ÷
Fraction, half: ½
Fraction, quarter: ¼
Fraction, three quarters: ¾
Pound: £
Squared: ²


Okay- I'll take some screen shots as I come across them... can I upload the images somewhere?

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Unfortunately we don't have a place for these at the moment but this is great feedback for us to work on.