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deciding Mrs Macintyre has requested to see
Mrs Boyd & hear from her what she thought
on the subject and this Sub Committee was empowered to arrange this matter at least in as far as the rules of the Institution could per

Two young women cousins applied for admifsion [admission]
but as one had been in the Good Shepherd for
two years and only wished to remain in the
Refuge for a few months they were told
to ask Mrs Gibbons to receive them as it was against the rules to ad
mit persons for shorter periods.

The Matron's requistions was read
and she was desirous to submit it to the
Gentlemen's Committee and the Sub Committe
were requested to purchase the goods next week.

At the meeting of the Ladies General Committee
of the Sydney Female Refuge held on Friday
the 1st Dec [December] 1865.

Mrs Deas Thomson Mrs Ord John Thompson
" Murnin Graham " Reed
Threlkeld Mills Speer
Smith Foy & the Secretary

The minutes of previous meeting Daily
journals Tabular & also Sub Committe
Reports read
31 inmates in the Houses

The Secretary mentioned that Miss Leyton
had resigned and it was resolved that

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