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Mrs Dawson again asked to have Alice
Grey read minutes out but it was decided that
the resolution of the previous meeting must be adhered to.

At a meeting of the Ladies General Committee
of the Sydney Female Refuge held on
Friday the 6th of January 1865-

Mrs Hay , Mrs Mills
Mrs Joy , Mrs Reed
Mrs [Speekes?] , Mrs Wise
and the Secretary

The minutes of the former meeting
Daily Journal & Tabular Report read
Also the Report of the Sub Committee

23 Inmates in the Houses.

A Mrs Mitchelthson [indecipherable] applied for a servant
but as she lives at Redfern the ladies decided
that she could not be allowed to have one from
this Institution it being against the Rules
to let any of the Inmates accept services
in this town.

Resolved that Margaret Lamb serve an additional
three months before she be considered eligible
for a situation.

Several applicants for admission one was
suffering from the effects of intemperance
and it was therefore resolved that her case

Notes and Questions

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The project notes indicate the minutes of meeting from Feb 1864- Dec1864. I have found minutes dated 1863 and 1865. Just wondering if the minutes are in a book and how they may have come to be out of date sequence? thanks

Geoff Barker

Hi Irene - I didn't load the material but as you can see from the record in the State Library Catalogue this section of 51 pages is just a small proportion of the pages. when they were put on microfilm the pages may have been out of sequence or perhaps the numbers for the digital files were mixed up with others I'm not sure. In the meantime don't worry too much as I can always x check once we are finished with the original documents. I wrote a brief overview of the Sydney Female Refuge Society, 1848-1925 for our website a while back which you might find interesting. The section at the bottom has links to all the material in the Library catalogue and you can read it here


Hi Geoff... Liz Here... are the pages from the daily journals available to the public? I've found the microfilm reference. thanks

Geoff Barker

This link https://archival.sl.nsw.gov.au/Details/archive/110615653 will take to all the pages, I'm
hoping if this pilot is successful there might be a possibility of loading more than just this first 50 or so pages.