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Sub Committee
Inmates in the Houses

The Matron mentioned having received
from Mr Beam from Mr J Thompson
30 pounds of tea also a bag of potatoes
from Mr Curtis.

Margaret Hogg having been reprimanded
for improper conduct by Mrs Anderson demanded
to be allowed to leave the Institution.
The Ladies reasoned with her & advised her
to remain which she consented to most unwillingly.

Alice Grey applied for readmission
for the fifth time and after some consultation
on the subject it was finally resolved to admit her
she having on former occasion
proved very idle & troublesome

Then Matron suggested that some
lattice boards be procured for the women in
the laundry to stand on & also asked for a
cupboard with a lock & key.

Resolved that the Secretary
write to the Gentlemen on the subject.

Mrs Bird was spoken to having
it would appeared deceived this Committee
about her stepdaughter they resolved
that in future she should not be permitted
to visit Marion at the Refuge. She promised a donation
towards the funds of the Institution.

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Line 13 "whilst" is probably "which"