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School often the last named [indecipherable] with instructions
all the older women. This was agreed to

The Secretary was requested to acknowledge
the Sub Committee Report and also acquaint the
Gentlemen that Mrs Marks had been engaged by
the Ladies to devote the greater part of the day to the

At a meeting of the Ladies General Committee of
the Sydney Female Refuge held on Friday the
6th of August 1864.

Mrs Hay , Mrs Tucker
Mrs Murnin , Mrs Joy
Mrs Wise , Mrs Bickford
Mrs Smith , Mrs Reives
Mrs Joseph Thompson , Mrs Spier
Mrs Reed , & The Secretary

The Secretary mentioned that Mrs Marks had
stated that she could not devote so many hours
per day to the Inmates for less than 18 / per
week & that the Secretary had arranged that
Mrs M should have that sum till the Institutions
were again in working order.

The Matron stated that she would
not comply with the instructions of the Gentlemens
Committee by that "Fanny was not to visit her
at the Refuge & if such a resolution be still
demanded she must resign her situation

The Ladies thought that considering
the circumstances under which Fanny was dis
- missed it was quite necessary that the orders

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Just doing some reviewing. Is there to be a line break between paragraphs? (double space)?

Geoff Barker

Hi - that sounds sensible to me- We didn't discuss this as part of the pilot but I will take it to them as a suggestion. Thanks.