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Mrs Allen proposed Mrs Murnin &
Mrs John Mackenzie as Members of
own Committees and this Secretary was
asked to communicate with these Ladies
Mrs John Thompson agreed to ask
Mrs Joseph Thompson also & inform the
Secretary before the next meeting.
25 inmates in the Houses
At the meeting of the Ladies General Committee
held at the Refuge on Friday the 4th March 1864.
Mrs Murnin Mrs Thomas Smith
Mrs Joy Mrs John Thompson
Mrs Williams Mrs John Dawson
Mrs Reed & The Secretary
Minutes of previous meeting read and
signed Sub Committee Report read Tabular
Report & Daily journal read.

There was no business to transact.
The Secretary mentioned that four ladies were
required to fill the places of those ladies who
had retired.
The following ladies were proposed It was
unanimously agreed that this Secretary should
write and ask them to become members of this
committee. Madames Joseph Thompson Betsfrech [indecipherable]
Blassi [indecipherable] & John Hay.

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