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MAY -1918

5. Sunday -
Grey showery day. Went to Dr
Synge's for tea Mrs French
& Fred Post - a y. man from
Calif were there.

6. Monday.
Nice day. Not
v. well. Pottered In evening went
to Serb lectures at Lyceum. F.
Post there. He walked to Marble
Arch with me.

7. Tuesday.
Cold showery day. Went to Miss
Newcomb at 10 left at 5.30. Miss
Hodge clean off about brutal
letter from D. Pethick. Feeling
very skew whiff.

8. Wednesday.
Wrote letters. Not v. well. Went
to Minerva at 4.30 to tea with
Mrs French & Mrs Aldridge. Home
with latter for an hour then to hear
Brailsford on dangers of Inter-
-nationalism at Ashburnham

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