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June 1954

Friday 4

Grey day again with a wind beginning which will bring cold. Got up at 8.30 & prepared Caddie's breakfast & got her off by 11.30. I then got something to eat & went to Bank in Carlton & came back on 'bus. Rang Glen asking her not to come tonight. Lay down & recovered but before tea I took some letters to the corner mailbox & felt like collapsing. Delys telephoned that she wd call for me tomorrow at 1.15. ['1.15' repeated]

[Line drawn across page]

[continued from June 5th]
6.30 feeling a bit [gone?] but glad to have seen what what is going on. The Kookooburras laughed beautifully all round the gullies as wild as Talbingo or Brindabella. Life does not change.

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