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March 1953

Monday 9

Lovely day again - warm & bright. Did a final bit on essay. Also rolled back another foot of the shoulder-high water grass & weeds from the path. Did some laundry. The post brought a crusher in the announcement of J.D. that she is to arrive willy nilly on Sat. morning. What am I to do to get repose? I'm so dead weary. Called to ask how Mrs B. is. Nell J. rang up about tomorrow. M. Dale also telephoned for a chat. Listened to Speight [Speaight] & Dinah Shearing in Flashing Stream by Chas Morgan. Erotic piece of ranting.

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Robert Speaight, an English radio actor, visited Australia in 1953 to take part in a number of radio plays.(ABC Weekly 14 Feb 1953)