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October 1953

Thursday 29

Warm morning B. slept soundly till after 8. I got her breakfast & bath & we finished looking through "Cockatoos". Dear little R. came again & cooked lunch of chops & tom. grilled & we had her tart etc. & B. went off. Ruby cleared off & went about 2. It rained then in nice showers. Arthur came at 6 bringing food & flowers & had a cup of coffee. J. Ferguson rang up for Del. I redded things - very tired & then read in Age that Elsie Belle 9 days ago - a great shock to me. 49½ years since we met. Nothing left I walk in Hades. I took ½ a sleeping pill. I did some laundry.

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Elsie Belle Champion (1870 - 20th Oct 1953) - sister of Vida Goldstein