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February 1952

Wednesday 27

Warmer day.
Went early to the Fullertons - poor old souls at loggerheads & each raving at me & another person then stone deaf.
Went to Rex & met Jack [Noyer?] at E. C Harris & saw him too then Rex took me to tea & then to Alfred Hosp. to see Cyprus Mitchell, poor dying suffering wreck but the mind still there.
Rex waited for me & brought me home exhausted.
I lay down for an hour & got up to meet L. Collinson, Kay Morant & J. Coffey.
He was an ardent ["ardent" underlined] comrade.
L. has got fat.
To bed exhausted at 12 after Everill Venman left.

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Cyprus Mitchell (1881-1955) https://uudb.org/articles/cyprusrichardmitchell.html