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February 1952

Sunday 24

Wakened to the sound of rain.
Everil Venman came at 12 to make a pudding.
Turned to a glorious afternoon & Rex & Richard called for me & with Everill we went to the gardens to hear H. Blair read Rex's Kangaroo to music.
Hector Crawford conducting, K. Goodall singing for a concert.
We sat with Mrs H. Blair & her mother* & after saw Harold.
Everill brought me home in taxi.
People in again including Cyril Goode, Geo Cooper, H [Malloda?] [Mallock?],
Clive [written above Dorothy] Dorothy Kennedy, Hugh Anderson & bride to be. The last left before 12
& J.K. & I had a little talk &
I gave him essay.

*Mrs Eden

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Can't decipher the name after Geo Cooper