Miles Franklin pocket diary, 1911, Part 1


Daily diary containing brief records of Miles Franklin's activities and events.Pages for 18 June-9 September are blank.

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SUN. 20 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

MON. 21 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

TUE. 22 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

WED. 23 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

THU. 24 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

FRI. 25 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

SAT. 26 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

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SUN. 27 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

MON. 28 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

TUE. 29 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

WED. 30 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

THU. 31 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

FRI. 1 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

SAT. 24 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

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SUN. 3 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

MON. 4 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

TUE. 5 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

WED. 6 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

THU. 7 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

FRI. 8 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

SAT. 9 Morning [blank] Afternoon [blank] Evening [blank]

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SUN. 10 Morning Slept till ten got up & arranged clothes

Afternoon had dinner in the flat & went to monthly League Meeting

Evening Florence Dalzell, Zelie & I went home and had supper with Mrs Robins.

MON. 11 Morning Came to office early worked till 12 Mrs Kapp, Anna & I had lunch with Hanlon

Afternoon Worked all afternoon Editha came & took me to afternoon tea at Field's

Evening Mrs Robins & I went to Gertrude House and had dinner with the Dresdens.

TUE. 12 Morning Got to office early

Afternoon All lunched at Randolph

Evening Dined at N.W. Station with Mrs Robins & Mrs Elliot.

WED. 13 Morning Got to office at 9.30 called on Mrs Robins on my way down Went to lunch with Hanlon & Mrs Kapp & Anna

Afternoon Mrs Elliott called in afternoon. No rest or peace in the office

Evening Supped at Ouilmette & got home exhausted

THU. 14 82 ° - 56 ° Morning Got to office at 9. Miss H took a day at home thank God

Afternoon Went to lunch on 5th Ave & Lake with Anna & Mrs Kapp. Mrs Elliot called

Evening Very tired - bathed & retired at 8. Supper at Randolph

FRI. 15 Morning Worked in office amid untidiness all day

Afternoon Worked in after-noon went home to beastly flat

Evening Went to A.A.L.L. meeting at Auditorium.

SAT. 16 Morning Tusselled with October dummy of L & L. Warm day.

Afternoon Tusselled with dummy again. Went to flat & thence to H.S. & M Celebration meeting in Hod Carrier's Hall.

Evening Met Mr & Mrs Robins at corner of Halsted & Grand returning from wedding of Ickes & Mrs Thompson

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SUN. 17 Morning Got up & washed head. & went to Young's at one o'clock.

Afternoon Had dinner with them & came down & worked in office

Evening Got to bed at 7 exhausted. Zelie came home & we talked till late.

MON. 18 Morning Got to office again. Muddled on dummy again. ["Went to Printers at" crossed out]

Afternoon Dinner with Agnes & Miss H. at Randolph Went to Printers at 2.

Evening Zelie cooked a good ["afternoon"crossed out] meal. After I went to Mrs Robins till 9.

TUE. 19 Morning Went to printers in late morning & thence [of?to?] Chicago League office

Afternoon & back to printers - lunch at Kohlsaat

Evening Supper with Leonora Pease at Randolph

WED. 20 Morning Went to printers at 8 a.m. lunch at Kohlsaat's

Afternoon Finished Printers at 2 & went to office thence to flat, bathed and dressed & went to Single Tax dinner at Grand Pacific

Evening Went home with Mrs Robins & Zelie & stayed all night.

THU. 21 Morning Rose at 8 & worked till noon had lunch at Mrs Robins.

Afternoon Came down town

Evening Slept in flat

FRI. 22 Morning Got to office early

Afternoon Worked on odds & ends

Evening Slept in flat

SAT. 23 Morning Rose early & came to Mrs Robins was not well

Afternoon Stayed for lunch & spent day on couch reading

Evening Bought & cooked a little supper and went to bed early

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