Miles Franklin pocket diary, 1911, Part 1


Daily diary containing brief records of Miles Franklin's activities and events.Pages for 18 June-9 September are blank.

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SUN. 7 Morning Stayed in bed till noon rose & lunched at one

Afternoon Went to office & worked till 3. Went to Miss Pischel's to make mayonnaise for Miss Henry's party.

Evening Supper at Miss Pischels. Miss H's party to Mrs [Unger?] & Mrs Potter. Came home at 9.30

MON. 8 76-58 Morning Got down to office at 9.30. Lunched with Mrs Kapp at Randolph Inn.

Afternoon Went to Dentist & Dr W. for tryon [try on] of damned glasses. Wet. Walked home

Evening Read at bit & went to bed. Editha called.

TUE. 9 Morning Went downtown early & bought hat. Went to Mrs Robins at 10. & returned to office

Afternoon at 3. Went home fairly early & had a sleep.

Evening Worked in office at night on my own affairs walked home

WED.10 Morning Editha called at 8.30 & we went to Stevens & bought a suit. Thence to office.

Afternoon Lunched at Glen Inn with Mrs Kapp Came home at 4.30 & had a sleep. Dr W tried on d. glasses again

Evening Worked in office on my own concerns Walked home

THU. 11 Morning Got to office at 9.30 Olive came in & we did page proof connections of Mrs R. Statement Miss Phelps & Mrs R. & Mrs Potter called.

Afternoon Miss H, Olive, Mrs K. & I lunched at Randolph Inn. Worked in office. Mrs R. called again at 4. I came home at 4.45 & had a rest.

Evening Mrs Robins gave me her platform ticket & I went to Child Welfare Exhibit. Saw Mrs Aldis

FRI. 12 Morning Went to Dr Walker about specs but they weren't ready

Afternoon Went for a fitting of suit at Stevens Bros. Came back to office. Came home & rested a little

Evening Went to Stenographer's meeting thence to Executive Bd. meeting at 331 S. La Salle St

SAT.13 58-47 Morning Got to office at 8.15 Miss Doane came in Mrs Robins came in & took me to lunch at Union Café

Afternoon Went to Mrs Clarke's class in Parliamentary Car at 4.p.m. Got home at 5.30 & cleaned up room in preparation for Mrs K.

Evening Went to hear Ethel Barrymore in Alice-Sit-by-the -Fire & The £12 Look

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SUN. 14 Morning Rose at 6.30 met Mrs Knofler & brought her to Indiana Hse. for Breakfast Agnes & Miss H. came in. Took Mrs K. to Mrs R's at 12.

Afternoon Lunched & came to May meeting of League. Mrs K. Editha Miss H. Mary Anderson, Mrs Fursman Mrs Robins & I supped at Merkle's. Came home very tired

Evening Mrs Robins took Mrs K. to Child Welfare Exhibit.

MON. 15 Morning Went to Dr Walker had treatment & got specs. Went to Mrs Robins at 331 S. La Salle & She, Olive, Zelie & I

Afternoon Went to Moffet's to look at photos. Zelie & I lunched at Eat Shop. I came to office

Evening at 5.30 went with Miss H. to say good bye to Isabel Newsham before she went to San Francisco

TUE.16 Morning Rose at 8.30 & went to office. Lunched with Mrs Potter & others at Chicago Women's Club to meet Mrs Lewis, an English bore

Afternoon Worked on June dummy till six. Very tired & sick

Evening Hoped to get to bed but in comes Zelie & Esther Kier & kept me up.

WED. 17 90-70 Morning Got to the office at nine. Worked on correspondence

Afternoon Lunched with Miss Finnegan & Mrs Kapp at Randolph Inn. Worked again & went to pay Dr Schiff at 4.30

Evening Went to bed early very exhausted

FRI. 19 91-74 Morning Started work at Saul's at 8. Lunched at Kohlsaat's

Afternoon Finished at Saul's at 2.00 & came to office.

Evening Pottered a little and went to bed very tired.

SAT. 20 Morning Got to the office at 8. Mrs Robins came in at 2 & we

Afternoon lunched at Field's at 2.30. Went to 331 S. La Salle for Mrs Clark's lesson at 4. Mary Mac Enerney [McEnerney] returned from Springfield after winning ten hours bill

Evening Washed head & pottered a little & went to bed early. Unhappy owing to [haunting?] specs.

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SUN. 21 Morning Rose at noon & had dinner at Indiana house Went to office to work but was out of sorts

Afternoon & did nothing but read "The Garden of Allah" Editha called at 5 & we went to Miss Aitken's party at 315 S. Ashland for the

Evening Italians. A group of us stayed to supper & talked work up stairs after. Great warm showers all day

MON. 22 68-60 Morning Rose at 8.30 & went to office. Lunched with Miss Finnegan & Mrs Kapp at Randolph Inn

Afternoon At 2.20 went to Burke & Atwells, bank & other office. Home & slept. Got up feeling well. Went to

Evening office & worked on Career's end till 9.15. Came home & went to bed on a supper of lettuce & oil.

TUE. 23 Morning Rose at 8.30 & went to office. Went with Miss Finnegan to take magazines to Child Welfare exhibit

Afternoon Called on Oldenborg on my way home. Stayed in the office till 4.30

Evening Went to office & read "Garden of Allah" Feeling well. Got the specs [downed?]

WED. 24 76-58 Morning Went to office at 9 & took L & L. to Welfare exhibit with Mrs Kapp Then went to Mrs Robins for lunch. Mrs Robins in great flip

Afternoon Came to 331 S. La Salle in a taxi with Mrs R. & Miss Steghagen. Home via 127 N. Dearborn & rested

Evening Packed!

THU. 25 94°-67° Morning Found Kalsaminers in office so went to Child Welfare exhibit & home via Saul's & went to 331 S. La Salle

Afternoon Lunched with Zelie at Randolph Inn. Talked with Agnes & went to Dr Van Hoesen for treatment.

Evening Meeting for Convention delegates at 331 S. La Salle St. Hot day.

FRI. 26 Morning Got down early & worked on publicity stuff

Afternoon Lunched with Miss F. & Mrs Kapp at Ouilmette.

Evening Editha came in to see me about trip

SAT. 27 Morning Got down early. Lunched with Miss H. at Randolph Inn. Mrs Kapp's little girls came in after lunch.

Afternoon Went to Dr Van Hoesen. She was more rational about glasses than Dr Walker

Evening Packed & went to bed early. Hot & airless in my room. Came on to rain

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SUN. 28 Morning Stayed in bed till ten Got up and packed. After dinner Miss Schirmer & I went to Printer's Memorial

Afternoon in Garrick Theatre. I gamely tried the specs but fell down steps because I couldn't see them & could scarcly see the stage.

Evening Lingered over supper with Miss Ryan - sorry to part with her. Put final touches on packing & went to bed.

MON. 29 Morning Got to office early having left Indiana House Worked at the office till 5.30 & went

Afternoon home to Zelie Emerson's flat at 543 N. Ashland Ave. Nothing there so we went to Hull Hse café to eat and to Miss Starr's

Evening flat to sleep mighty glad of such a refuge

TUE. 30 Morning Zelie bought some breakfast - raw eggs etc. & I came to office & worked all day on Secretary's report for Convention

Afternoon Lunched at Henrici's. Zelie came in in the afternoon & we had din-ner at 5 & took refuge in Miss Starr's flat again. Miss

Evening Steghagen & Mrs Robins called upon us in the evening & we all called upon Miss Waite for a few minutes

WED. 31 Morning Breakfasted at Hull House & came to office. Lunched at Randolph Inn with Miss Henry. [Miss Henry written again and crossed out] Mrs Robins came in & we worked on Secy. report till

Afternoon late & I went home in same car with her. Zelie had a fine supper waiting.

Evening Mrs Robins & Mrs Quinlan called with gifts. Mighty glad to see them. Zelie & I slept in the same bed. Not much room.

THU. 1 JUNE Morning Exhausted by flat conditions rose late & came to office

Afternoon JUNE Got home late terrible glare & noise.

Evening Had supper late & went to bed on floor.

FRI. 2 Morning Got to office early

Afternoon Worked late in afternoon

Evening Went over to Mrs Robins to discuss Denver League. Zelie called & we went home together

SAT. 3 Morning Came to office early

Afternoon Dr De Bey came in also Mrs Robins worked till late

Evening Had dinner with Mrs Robins & discussed Convention Committees

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SUN. 4 95-65 Morning Slept & pottered Zelie went to Evanton Rose & cleaned kitchen - washed

Afternoon head packed for London & Boston Slept. Went to Dr Young's &

Evening stayed for supper. Very enjoyable. Nice warm day with a cool breeze

MON. 5 Morning Got to office at 8.30 Went to 331 S. La Salle & packed box. Lunched with Zelie at Glen Inn.

Afternoon Worked late & hard Zelie went to Rockford & I stayed in flat alone

Evening that night. Was very exhausted. Very wind.

TUE. 6 Morning Rose early & packed grip for Boston Got down to office at 10 & thence to Polk St. Station

Afternoon Took train

Evening On train

WED. 7 Morning On train

Afternoon On train

Evening Arrived in Boston at 9 and was ["received" crossed out] met by Mrs Robins - took us in Taxi to Parker House

THU. 8 Morning Went to Women's Trade Union League and interviewed Mrs Clark and Miss Gillespie

Afternoon [blank]

Evening [blank]

FRI. 9 Morning [blank]

Afternoon [blank]

Evening [blank]

SAT. 10 Morning [blank]

Afternoon [blank]

Evening [blank]

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