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I would advise your Father to sell
Bathurst everything that he could
not personally see [sell ?] after and land,
his money he then knows what
he is about, with horses here and
cows there rents partially paid and
many other things he must be
grieved and annoyed beyond his
years. George may sell a horse
or cow it cannot be found, yet it
ministers to his ruin. I often feel for
your poor Father, he has been minuted
to a farthing he has with justice
divided everything he had, he has.
I have no doubt been (probably over)
careful that his sons should be re-
spectably established, yet they re-
pay his anxiety and care and prayers
by being unworthy. My dear
James is there not much here to
make us enquire. Is such to be
the destiny of our children. Is there
anything in the treatment of your
brothers over anxiety about them or
neglect of them that has brought about
such lamentable consequences,
that we could either attend to or
avoid, does not the thought that these
now dear little ones may at one
time be vessels of wrath fitted
for destruction make your blood
run cold, what can we do but
pray and be watchful.

I do not know what to write
to join papa. These however are
my impressions and firm considerations.
I would simply say if any son of
mine was to behave in such a manner
I would let his portion be invested
in trustees to pay his board & lodging
and clothes but I would not and
could not minister to their destruct-

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